Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well said

I take Isaac out of school three days a week so he doesn't have to take a nap, and we walk around or he comes to my office and gets in trouble. Today we were enjoying the 90-degree weather and walking around doing errands, and I was singing -- making up songs about what we were doing.

"Dad, stop singing. You're driving me crazy."

"You know, Isaac," I replied. "One day you'll miss me singing." (God, I sound like my mother -- in a good way.)


"I said, one day I may not feel like singing anymore. Maybe I will be too old, or unhappy, or who 
knows. You'll miss days like this when I walked around singing."

He thinks about it really hard and says, 
"OK. Sing, dad."

He walked around the other side of a tree and didn't see me sipping my ice coffee.

"Dad! Why aren't you singing?"


  1. This is cool, Mike. I always knew you should write and it will be great for your kids to read this when they get older.

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